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As the centerpiece of the new Marsh Creek State Historic Park, the John Marsh Historic Trust is dedicated to saving the Stone House in Brentwood, California.


John Marsh Historic Trust was founded in 1994 to save and restore the 7,000 square-foot sandstone mansion Dr. John Marsh built in 1856 for his wife, Abby, and their daughter Alice. JMHT also oversees a 4th grade California History program at the Stone House each year.


Currently there are two projects on tap with the JMHT. We are raising funds to build an Interpretive Center, as well as for the restoration of the historic Stone House. To date, the Trust has played a major role in more than $3M in preservation work.


We are a 501(c)3 organization - Tax I.D. Number: 680390601. We accept general donations, project or program specific donations, as well as Legacy donations. Direct donations can be made at the "More" link below. Click here for Legacy donations.

Get Involved

Whether its an hour a month, once a year or however much time you have, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities available just for you. Learn more about those opportunities at the link below!


THE PRESS 10-14-21



The first draft plans were submitted for the Interpretive Center (IC).  After reviewing the plans, the CA Dept. of Parks & Rec. has doubled the capacity of the above plans. JMHT will be helping to fund the $200,000 project, provide programming and staff the center, and open it to the public on a regular, although limited (at first) basis. It will provide the first regular access to the heart of the 3,659-acre Marsh Creek State Historic Park. Our question to you: What sort of programming would you like to see there?

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