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Marsh Creek State Historic Park

On January 27, 2012, the California State Park and Recreation Commission approved the General Plan. 

mcsp gp map.jpg

In 2007 the California State Park and Recreation Commission designated the 3,659-acre park, including the John Marsh Stone House, a State Historic Park. With funding from the City of Brentwood, a General Plan for the property was developed and adopted in 2012, and the park was officially named the Marsh Creek State Historic Park. 


The park will include a visitor center, 70 miles of trails, picnic areas, equestrian facilities, campsites and accommodations for special events, such as a farmers market. 


The plan also designates an 11-acre section of the park surrounding the Stone House as the John Marsh Historic Zone, which includes a 7,000-year old archeology site as well as the location of the Volvon Indian village that existed alongside Marsh’s adobe. 


The park is not yet open to the public. The John Marsh Historic Trust is working with State Parks on ways to open parts of the park through a collaboration of public, private and non-profit organizations. 

John Marsh Historic Trust became a California Dept. of Parks & Rec. Cooperating Association in 2014, which has enabled it to open portions of the park on a limited basis.


The complete General Plan can be found HERE.

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